Corin Ileto is an artist, producer and performer drawing from a background in classical composition. Through the performative aspect of Ileto’s compositions, she further explores intuitive algorithms through the mechanics of human memory.

From the artist, “Music is a language which we can draw upon and use to connect us from the past to the present. Personally, I draw on the learned behaviours/skills acquired during my studies in classical music, in particular my piano performance technique and understandings of melody and harmony”.

Ileto’s releases include ‘Virtuality’ (Wondercore Island, Australia, 2016) and ‘Wave Systems’ (Speaker Footage, Denmark, 2015).

Past performances include Boiler Room (Melbourne, 2018), Unsound Festival (Adelaide, 2017), and supporting Howie Lee (Melbourne, 2018) and Fatima Al Qadiri (Melbourne, 2016).

Ileto has also composed music for dance and performance works; most recently producing the soundtrack for ‘Ex Nilalang - from Creature to Creation’ (Asiatopa, Melbourne, 2017), a video work by Club Ate exploring queer identities of the Filipino diaspora.


Dummy Mag 'Virtuality' Premiere & Interview

Vice Creators 'Vexations' Premiere

i-D 'Void' Premiere




‘Ex Nilalang’ - collaboration with Club Ate

‘Carrion’ - collaboration with Justin Shoulder​